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Black and white photograph of John Baxter Ballard (1910-1983) in baseball uniform. Taken (1926-1940)

Letter from Jim Ballard, while in the Navy, to his family. Written from Indianapolis to Ballard family in Charlestown Indiana. Dated Oct 16 , no year. Estimated date range 1957-1960. Describing loss of pay and the fatal car accident which killed two…

4 x 2 1/2 in photo of Julia Ann Ray Squire, her children Julia Etta, Kate, Henry and Charlie Squire. Front row, left to right, Henry Squire, Charlie Squire, mother Julia Ann Ray Squire. Second row left to right, Kate Squire, Julia Etta Squire. Taken…

German currency brought home form WWII by Bernard Leon "Mutt" Gritten (1924-2012)

Letter from Cpl. Mutt Gritten, paratrooper to Mrs. W.M. Gritten (23-11-1945)

Cpl. Bernard "Mutt" Gritten during WWII, formed a friendship with a girl named Suzanne (last name unknown). She appears to have lived in "Chalons" most likely Chalons-sur-Marne, (as it was known during the period) the location for the 194th's base…

CP locations of Bernard Leon Gritten's military service with note to parents on back.
Short note written by Bernard Leon Gritten (1924-2012) to his parents. Mentions surprise when he comes home and includes list of combat locations from WWII.

A postcard from Mutt and Nellie Gritten while on their honeymoon to their family written from Canada to Indiana.

Various photographs of Germany taken by or owned by Mutt Gritten during WWII.

Welcome home card sent form Nellie Wilson to Bernard "Mutt Gritten, (her future husband) upon his return to the United States from Europe and serving in WWII.
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