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Family Album: Julia Etta Squire, Mary Elizabeth Anderson Wilson


Family album of Julia Etta Squire and Mary Elizabeth Anderson Wilson, passed down to Nellie Wilson Gritten. It contains the family photographs of the Squire, Ray, Anderson, Kern and Bailey families. The album itself is 8 x 10 inches, and is comprised of faded yellowed paper album pages designed for housing carte de visites and cabinet cards, which were once so popular with the publc that the trend for collecting, sharing and trading them was dubbed "cartomania".

The album exhibt is under construction currently, but it can be enjoyed even without the aid of the full metadata which will take time to enter. As it is now, I hope it creates something of the experience of turning the pages. it is an important element of preserving this item and sharing it that it be presented and organized as it came to me, and as was the intent of those that created and cared for these family memories before us.

Click on the links to the right to view the album pages. Each page will also feature larger images of each photo on the album page. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge images.

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