The Ballard Family of Kentucky


The Ballard Family of Kentucky

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Jessie F. Ballard
Portrait of Jessie F. Ballard

Letha Roland Ballard
Portrait of Letha Roland Ballard (1887 -1919).

Wedding Certificate signed by Johnson Larkin Ballard, officiant
Wedding certificate signed by Rev. Johnson Larking Ballard, Baptist minister and officiant

Baby Jim Ballard
A smiling baby boy waves as he stands next to a house in a play pen made from chicken wire.

Ballard Children: Earl, John and Charles
Two boys and a baby pose on a porch in Owenton, Kentucky in 1913.

James Hiram Ballard
Portrait of James Hiram Ballard

John Baxter Ballard Infant Portrait
A photograph of John Baxter Ballard (1910-1983) as a baby wearing a diaper.

James Ballard in Naval Uniform
Black and white photograph; Portrait of James Ballard in naval uniform, taken between 1959 and 1962.

James Ballard in naval uniform, tinted portrait
James Ballard (1938-1985) in naval uniform, tinted photograph. Taken approximately between 1959 - 1963.

Letter Home from Jim Ballard
Letter from Jim Ballard, while in the Navy, to his family. Written from Indianapolis to Ballard family in Charlestown Indiana. Dated Oct 16 , no year. Estimated date range 1957-1960. Describing loss of pay and the fatal car accident which killed two…
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